Who Am I?



I’m Allie, stay at home mama of Twink & Squishy. Twink (a gorgeous little boy) was born at home in water 23 months ago and is ‘still’ breastfed, as is my daughter, Squishy. Twink was baby led weaned, coslept till he decided lying next to mummy was too exciting, and he’s in cloth nappies. Some people seem to think that makes me a hippy…I just think it’s because I’m a lazy, slummy sort of mummy and don’t like spending money if I don’t have to. You can make your own mind up!

I’m interested in lots of different things, from sewing to fast cars, and reading to cheesy romantic films. I have big ideas & big plans, but little motivation…so I thought telling the big wide world what I want to do, might give me an extra kick! Some things currently on my to do list are –

  • Write my novel (have barely finished the first page so far!)
  • Make more clothes for my family (Twink keeps insisting on growing), & some curtains
  • I dream of one day managing to grow vegetables in my garden without killing them (but suspect I’ll need someone else to do it for me!)
  • Organise my house!!! We moved in to my (unlived in, but full of stuff) parents’ house two years ago & we still have a room full of boxes…& a garage full of boxes…& a loft full of boxes. I long for the day when everything has a place and I’m not surrounded by piles of stuff.
  • Learn to knit. I taught myself to crochet a couple of months ago and have been having great fun with that, but I keep finding knitting patterns for utterly gorgeous baby things that I need to make.

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