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Shameful Secret


I have a secret, and I think it’s about time I admitted it.

Today is the 6th December and as it stands, only Twink will be getting any Christmas presents this year.

Okay, so actually that is a slight exaggeration…Squish has 5 books & a teddy bear with buttons to make it talk coming her way. Everyone else? Nothing. Husband? Nada. Best friend? Not a thing. All our close friends’ children who we know will be giving our children presents? Nope. Our parents? Er…you can probably guess the answer.

I am just in complete denial. I don’t even know how many shopping days till Christmas. Yes, I could work it out, but I’m not going to. I am sticking my fingers in my ears and LA LA LA I CAN”T HEAR YOU!!

I had big plans. I still do actually. I was going to make 95% of the presents. I even know exactly what I want to make for everyone…well, except my husband. Not a clue about him. But everyone else has a thoughtful gift just waiting to be made for them. I even have a tonne of fabric & yarn to make them with. Beans for bean bags. Stuffing for teddies. And yet every evening finds me collapsed on the sofa trying not to fall asleep.

Perhaps, you might think, I have a lot of works in progress, just waiting for the finishing touches. Um…well…I have two. One is a hat…well, it’s 10 rows of double crochet…so nearly a hat. The other is a cushion I am covering with a much loved t-shirt…I have the cushion & I have the t-shirt. Stitches so far? Zero.

What’s the problem? Well, apart from extreme exhaustion caused by (among other things) sick, non-sleeping children & a boiler that temporarily went kaput right when the cold snap started, I’ve been waiting for my room to be finished. My garage has been converted into a room for me. A library, an office, a spare room, and most importantly a sewing room. It’s more or less finished. There are shelves where I have lovingly arranged my fabric stash, and yet more shelves where I have plonked as many of my books as will fit. The desk is in there, as is my sewing machine. But there are also dismembered shelves sitting in the middle of the room, and boxes littering the floor. I’ve been waiting for it to be ready before I start, and I am running out of time.

My gorgeous, messy stash of stuff

So how long should I wait until I admit defeat and do a mad rush to the shops for some 3 for the price of 2 generic dull presents? Or should I hold out a bit longer and order everything off Amazon at the last minute? Or perhaps you can help by giving me a quick slap, chucking a bucket of cold water over me & telling me to get on with it.

…while I wait for your answer…I’m going to sleep….yes, my crocheted hat-to-be is sitting next to me…a hat specifically requested by a little girl who calls me Auntie…and yet I still can’t be bothered. Where the hell did I leave my motivation??

Present Thoughts


We haven’t been having a particularly fun week. Twink has been working on getting his whining to the perfect pitch to make Mummy’s head explode, and Squishy is having her 12 week growth spurt. Fun and games! This has led to me having a bit of birthday blindness. We have 2 birthday parties this weekend, 3 birthdays and only 1 present.

Twink's first birthday

The first party is on Friday and is for a 2 year old boy who I have seen maybe 3 times in the last year. What is the protocol here? I’d feel rude turning up to a party with nothing, but equally wouldn’t expect everyone to bring someone just because I’d invited them to a party. I’m thinking I’ll use some blank t-shirts I have and try some freezer paper stencilling. I’ve never done it before, but how hard can it be?!

Twink's Birthday Card

Saturday is looking like it’ll be a difficult day. We have a 2 year old’s (we’ll call him J) party to go to at 2pm, but it is also Twink’s second birthday and we’d like to do something as a family. But we don’t know what! So whatever we do, it’ll be a busy sort of day. Twink’s party is the following week as he’ll be sharing the party with me because my (sh….30th) birthday is the week after and May is already so full of parties we didn’t feel we needed one each.

Twink & his cake

J is the lucky one – I already have a present for him as Twink was given an outfit by the MIL at Christmas¬†which I’d never put him in, so I’m recycling it for J who it’ll suit perfectly! Just for completeness, if you remember my best mate (of baby-catching fame), her sister is J’s mum. So J is part of our extended adopted family.


As for my own son…still no present!¬†I’m planning to get him a balance bike, but somehow we haven’t ordered it yet, so I think I’ll pick up some arty stuff just so that he’s got something to unwrap on the day. Wrapping paper, a box of some kind, some bubbles and a balloon will be enough to make him happy. Would it be wrong to get him to make his own birthday card?! He loves an excuse to get the paints out!

Sigh…I just don’t seem to be able to get in the birthday mood, which is highly irritating as May is full of birthdays and celebrations. Somehow a second birthday doesn’t seem as exciting as a first birthday, but he’s still not as aware of what a birthday is as he will be next year. It’s stuck in between, and as I’m still in the new baby, sleep deprived haze, I can’t get into it.

Oh well…on to the next present I need to find…

It’s my wedding anniversary next Wednesday! We’ll have been married 3 whole years, which apparently means we have to buy some leather…seems a bit kinky to me, but who am I to argue with wikipedia? I have no idea what to get though – we have leather sofas, DH has a leather strap on his watch and already has nice leather shoes…maybe it’d be enough if we go to a restaurant and eat steak…it’s the same animal after all!

Twink's birthday presents!

After all that brainstorming, all I’ve decided is that I need to freezer stencil a t-shirt tomorrow…but what design to use?!

Hope you liked the photos from Twink’s first birthday. Seems so long ago…and how young does Twink look?!!

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