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So, I’ve been a little bit absent…we’ve had a couple of technical issues here at Cheeky Mummy headquarters, which have combined with Hubby being SOOOOOO unbelievably busy with work (so he can’t fix my little blog) & meant I’ve just not bothered. And it’s been too hot anyway (have I ever mentioned that the bottom of my Macbook is seriously thermonuclear after about 5 minutes of use? No? Well it is. And I have the burn marks to prove it! A burning hot laptop is not something I want to get close to when the whole world is burning hot!

I have been taking daily photos of Squishy, I promise, but they are actually the main reason I’ve not been blogging. I can’t seem to upload any pictures at all…and a blog without pictures is just a little dull.

Um…what else have I done…


…oh yeah! I finished that little matinee jacket as pictured at the bottom of this post (just have to adjust the buttons as I don’t like where I put them, and buy some ribbon to go round the middle). It nearly killed me as I had to rip out the skirt bit a grand total of 3 times as I just kept losing stitches! Careless, I know…

I also bought yet more yarn, for yet more projects that I need to find time for, and a gorgeous tie dye/batik style remnant that I want to make into a dress for Squish and a shirt for Twink (if there’s enough fabric…may have to be a panelled shirt).

I’ve been out on TWO girlie nights! Well…just meals, but still…they involved nice (ish) clothes, heels, make up & even some nail varnish at the second one. Get me & my exciting life!!

Twink has decided that bedtime ought to be 9pm.¬†I’m a bit tired as this means I’m staying up until about 1am in a desperate attempt for some time away from babies.

Well, just thought I’d let you all know that I’m still alive (to be fair, if you follow me on twitter, you’ll have spotted that already!), and I will be back shortly, as soon as whatever is going wrong with photo uploading is fixed (bet it takes him 5 seconds once he actually has time to look at it!). Hope there’s still someone out there reading :D

PS. I have just realised I can still upload photos to WordPress from my iPhone…so why haven’t I done that? I really am just lazy, I guess…will try harder this week.

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