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My Birthday Trip


I had a whole day off. Twenty four whole, child free hours. I have the best best friend EVER! And the best husband of course ;-)

Twink woke some time after 9 on Saturday, and Hubby started trying to get me out of bed. He kept saying we were going to Starbucks for breakfast, but was being really urgent about it. It takes time to nurse two children, get them both dressed and in the car, but we were at the babysitters by 11…yep, the babysitters, not Starbucks! We were on a train to London with the hour.

A wander round Covent Garden shops and the food market, ended in a quick trip into Fred Perry resulting in these fab new shoes

and then we finally made it to Starbucks for Hubby’s first coffee of the day (he’s an addict!). Hubby then suggested Bond Street…where we happened to bump into Yo! Sushi. Convenient that ;-) We love love LOVE sushi. Completely stuffed we then continued with the shopping challenge – find me an outfit that I don’t feel hideous in (not easy since I put 3 stone on during a stressful time pre-children and obviously having 2 children hasn’t helped). We went in lots of ridiculously expensive shops pretending we could afford to buy things when they had clearly put the decimal point in the wrong place!

Shopping was starting to get stressful (see point above re. 3 additional stone!), but Hubby saved the day by spotting this lovely ¬†shop where I found two tops and a dress which were almost flattering (okay, so I may have a slightly negative view of myself…or an honest one, depending on your point of view!).

By this point it had been about ten hours since I fed Squishy and I was getting a little uncomfortable (although thankfully no leaking – I’m lucky as I never leak), and trying on clothes was slightly amusing with the Dolly Parton chest! So we decided to head home rather than find somewhere for dinner in London. I think we got home a bit 9.00 and stopped by KFC (classy, huh!). When we called the babysitter to check everything was okay (and to ask if we had time to eat our junk food), she said Squishy had been absolutely fine, had no problems taking a bottle (unlike Twink who refused point blank and would wait, fairly, patiently) even holding it herself!! Little traitor ;-) She also said she was happy to keep them both overnight! Result!

So I had a lovely long lie in on my birthday, followed by breakfast in Starbucks (there’s a theme here…Hubby is trying to turn me into an addict too!). We spent the day pottering in the garden, with the paddling pool out and a BBQ to finish the day.

And now we are thirty.

The 12th Doctor?


Before I had children I had heard how they have their little obsessions and I was prepared for Thomas the Tank Engine, buses or cars (or whatever) to be played with morning till night. My son had other ideas for his first obsession. Doctor Who. Yep, really. There are those who don’t really believe that my son hasn’t been encouraged heavily in this direction (something about me thinking David Tennant is totally scrummy…I’m saying nothing!), but he really hasn’t. And I’m sure he can’t be the only child with an unusual obsession.

How did this happen? I’ve quite often had the TV on while feeding Twink, with reruns of Buffy, Ghost Whisperer, Charmed, Friends…and Doctor Who. I do love Doctor Who, but I am also a HUGE Buffy fan. Hubby always has car programmes on – Top Gear, Fifth Gear & lots of random Discovery channel type shows. Despite this huge selection of inappropriate, non-cbeebies TV programmes…my son chose Doctor Who. The first we knew of it was when he suddenly got terribly excited when the credits ran; pointing at the TV screen and doing a little dance of joy!

Then he found my Doctor Who Annual. I’m not really an annual type of person, but for Twink’s first christmas, he bought me a Doctor Who Annual (& Hubby a Top Gear annual…clever boy!). This annual became his new best friend. He’d sit down to flick through it’s pages, pointing out all the characters. It started being the book he chose to cuddle to sleep (chosen from a huge stack that had to accompany him to bed).

The bedtime book stack

Next he started to ask us to put Doctor Who on TV. We should probably have put a stop to it at this point, but I much prefer watching Doctor Who to Cbeebies, and as I have a 3 month who needs feeding quite often, it’s useful to have something to keep Twink occupied if he’s in a bit of a grump. He doesn’t actually watch the whole episode unless it’s a new one – he just potters around the living room and gets excited when he sees the blue box, a dalek or the credit sequence.

I’m really impressed with the brand recognition abilities of a two year old. He can spot the Doctor Who logo on a single book sitting high up on a bookshelf with hundreds of other books on it. No matter what anyone else thinks, Twink loves Doctor Who.

So we’ve gone with it. ¬†For his birthday we bought him a book of Doctor Who stories we can read to him, a dalek filled with bubble bath (as someone who was scared of daleks as a child, that seems a little soft and fluffy for a dalek!) and some Doctor Who sheets for his bed. A genius friend also bought him a sonic screwdriver! The screwdriver is taken everywhere, and every conceivable object is sonicked. His reaction to seeing the Doctor Who sheets on his bed? Well, obviously he whipped out his sonic screwdriver and zapped them!

That’s right…he’s giving a dalek a quick cuddle…

Obviously there was also a tardis cake

…it’s disappearing…that’s what tardises do!

Twink has previously not slept under a blanket since he moved out of our bed at 11 months. Thanks to the Doctor Who sheets he now insists on sleeping underneath his covers. And since he’s been sleeping under them he’s slept at least 12 hours a night…in fact we’ve had to wake him for nursery. The one morning we could let him sleep in, he slept for 13 & a half hours. No, he’s not ill! I am LOVING the extra sleep. Obviously it will only last until I get used to it, but until then I am going to enjoy every minute!

What will he do next? Is this obsession here to stay? Probably not, but until then he’s busy playing at being the 12th Doctor!

Birthday party


As I mentioned before, Twink turned 2 over a week ago. His actual birthday was a quiet family sort of day, and we had a big bouncy party a couple of days ago. A few more photos from his birthday (including the inflatable car bought by our lovely neighbour):

Am I really 2?!

I was getting a bit worried about his birthday – half the people I invited couldn’t come (or changed their minds at the last minute!) so I was worried there would be too many adults & not enough children for Twink to play with. Anyway, we ordered a bouncy castle (just because we could)

and we bought a lot of food to burn on the BBQ, and ordered a cake. Twink spent the night at his Auntie’s & arrived back at 11.30 to find balloons, & banners, & presents, & a bouncy castle! He was VERY excited! This is the first time he’s really understood the whole concept of presents. At christmas we had to encourage him to open anything, and he wanted to put things back in the paper after he had opened them! This time he needed no encouragement at all!

Wrapping paper be gone!

After we finally convinced him to get dressed, loads of people arrived, bringing with them lots of children and Twink had a great time. Then there was cake (the cake was my cake too as I have a big birthday coming up next week)

I'll just take this bit of icing...

Yep, it’s a tardis cake (not the best photo…)! How cool is that?! More on my son’s Doctor Who obsession in another post…anyway, he loved it, & the icing turned everyone’s teeth blue! The amount of sugar in it also helpfully turned a slightly ratty, nap missing boy into an energetic, happy birthday boy!

I had thought the dalek bubble bath would be the favourite present (& it was certainly appreciated…it spent most of the party guarding the back door!), but it was trumped by a…SONIC SCREWDRIVER!!! I don’t think Twink has let go of it since he unwrapped it…I can’t see the batteries lasting long…

The weather was absolutely fantastic. Despite rain being forecast, we had an amazingly hot, sunny day. Twink took a moment out to chill with an ice lolly and his new screwdriver.

Shortly after everyone left, Twink asked for a milk feed and promptly fell asleep. He had missed his nap, so going to sleep for the night at 5.30pm isn’t so unusual…but not waking up until 10.40am the next day is COMPLETELY unheard of! 17 hours and 10 minutes sleep…I guess all the fun wore him out!

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