And Now We Are Two


Twink turned 2 on Saturday. I am no longer the mother of 2 under 2! Strangely it doesn’t feel as momentous as I thought it would. Turning one was a huge event – my first child’s first birthday – and I was full of memories of giving birth to him the year before and how different life is with him. Now we’ve known him for two years I can’t quite remember life before him, so there’s less comparisons to be made between now and then.

He had a quiet birthday as his party will be next Saturday. I bought him a ginormous balloon (seriously, it’s bigger than he is!), we gave him some cards from friends and family that had been delivered during the week (including one from me & Hubby and one from Squishy) and made rice crispie cakes.

I'll just eat some of these rice crispies

Nom Nom Nom

You try some, Mummy!

We had a long, lazy lunch at our favourite pub (Twink ignored his lunch, ate my chips and flirted with the waitresses), then a friend came round with some presents for Twink (although I have a hunch he mainly bought duplo so that he could play with it himself!). Hubby & I have only just ordered his big birthday present…does that make me a bad mummy? Twink had a lovely relaxed day, but still has no real understanding that it was his birthday. However, he has definitely got the hang of opening cards and presents!! We will be wrapping up a few little things to give to him on Saturday, including this:

Exterminate! Exterminate!

It’s bubble bath! Not sure if I’ve mentioned my son’s obsession with Doctor Who, but he LOVES it. His favourite book is a Doctor Who annual which he frequently goes to bed cuddling (yes, really…he usually goes to bed with a few books, but has yet to take any interest in a teddy bear). He is going to go nuts when he sees this…& as for his birthday cake…watch this space!

I managed to make my gift for the party on Friday…

…not bad for my first attempt at freezer paper stencilling! I would have preferred to do another coat of paint, but ran out of time.

Project of this week has been a crocheted matinee jacket for Squishy. At this point it was going well:

Now it is not. I have made the skirt part (which is the bit in the picture) & am half way through the jacket body (next will come sleeves, then collar), however it is already obvious that all is not well. When you attach the jacket body to the skirt part, you are supposed to gather the skirt to make it fit…in my case it would require the jacket body to be gathered as somehow the skirt is the smaller of the two. I have no idea how that is even possible as I have definitely made the right number of stitches on both pieces (counted several times) and although the pieces use different stitches I can’t imagine that my tension changed quite so much…somehow I will have to bodge it to fit, as I really don’t want to start again…and I do feel the skirt could benefit with lots of edging on one end ;-)

Gratuitous picture of my daughter with her pretty blouse on for her brother’s birthday lunch!

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